Health Programs

7 Wellness Ideas for Corporate Health Programs

Now when the offices reopen once again after the world pandemic situation dilutes down, people will need the right health activities to get back to their best state. The corporates are also planning to have several changes made in the workplace to create a healthy lifestyle for employees. These health programs will improve employee performance and keep them active during working hours. These health programs are not just meant to be introduced by the corporates. The employees can use these programs themselves to take care of their health in creative ways.

Walking meetings

Walking meetings is a good way to make sure that the employees are getting enough stretch out and walking time between working continuously on their desks. The corporates are liking the idea of walking meetings outside the cubicles to get some fresh air for the brain.

Walking meetings

Meditation breaks

The employees need to maintain good mental health while dealing with major projects or pulling the work before the deadline. This can get stressful, and medication can help majorly in bringing the stress down. Taking a break between the working hours to sit and meditate is a good way to relax and re-energize for productivity.

Cooking classes

The corporates today have their own kitchens for employees where they can cook or heat their food. The corporates are trying to accommodate healthier, good, and nutritious snacks for the employees. Some are even hiring professional chefs to provide cooking classes to the employees. It adds a little fun during lunch hours and also keeps everyone excited about eating healthy.


The current pandemic situation demands the right medical facilities available on the office premises. Having a flu-shot aid at the office is a good way to maintain the well-being of employees. The employees should get vaccinations during the flu season, and a record of administering it will provide reminders to the employees to opt-in when needed.


Fitness challenges

A healthy competitive environment between the employees is a good way to motivate them to keep themselves fit. Fitness challenges can reward an employee every month to keep the best health. The challenges can be as simple as tracking the number of steps taken by employees in a day to have the maximum weight loss in a period. Keeping rewards for such challenges will also help employees in staying motivated.

Mid-day fitness

Daily fitness exercises can help the employees stay fit even when they are unable to find time to go to a gym. Onsite fitness classes during lunch and after hours can be a great way to maintain employees’ health. Most institutions and corporates today have their own gyms in the building to provide a quick stop for fitness for the employees after their work. These free gym memberships can encourage inactive employees to give fitness training a try.