Main types of web application development

Main types of web application development

The development of web applications has been a common solution in recent years due to the different possibilities offered for accessibility and compatibility and because they require a lower price and time for their creation and maintenance web app development. However, once we have chosen to develop one, it is convenient to know the different types of web application development that exist to choose the one that best suits our needs.

What are the types of web applications?

What are web applications?

A web application is a computer program that runs on a web server, which users access through the internet, using a browser. All the data with which it works is stored on the web and is processed in it, so, unlike desktop applications, they do not need to be installed on the computer, but they do require a network connection. 

4 characteristics of a web application are there which will help you distinguish it from other types of apps:

  • They necessitate a single development for any kind of device. The similar development in HTML5 use to be adequate for any operating system.
  • It is not necessary to download them. The application use to be hosted on a server and retrieved from a browser. This defines that you require to be registered in to access it.
  • They are accessible from any browser. If you use to have a browser connected on the device (Safari, Firefox, Chrome…) you will be able to access the web application.
  • These use to appear as a consequence in outmoded search engines. As you don’t require a download, you will not find out them in an app store, but they will seem as a consequence in engines like Google.

Even though instinctive applications use to allow additional complex developments, they happen to be also more luxurious and not necessary always. The conclusion will relies on the made of the application.

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Other Considerations When Building Web Applications

Each type of web application has its strengths and weaknesses, but we remind you that in the end it is still a web, not a native app. Depending on the design that is given to the web application, it is true that its appearance can be very similar to that of a native application.

Examples of web applications

Many companies choose to create web applications to improve the interaction of users with their services. Therefore, it is possible that in your day to day you use some without even knowing it!

Google, for example, has a web app version of all its services: Calendar, Drive, Maps, Gmail, YouTube… The web application version of these portals is very similar to native applications.

Another example, in this case of an online store web application, is the giant Amazon. Again, it offers an experience very similar to the native application and also has a web app version for its Amazon Video and Amazon Music platforms.

On some occasions, a web application programming is carried out so that a mobile app is also accessible from the computer. It is the example of the instant messaging platform WhatsApp or Telegram. Both use to allow you sending messages, reading your conversations, accessing multimedia files.